Look how good that from Born Pretty Store they sent me a product, which I had to show you, that just "has gotten me out of trouble" 😅. I show you the manicure and now the product. My manicure with the "freehand" technique is made of flowers:

And here we have the product that has come to me like pearls: a Watercolor Nail Painting Pen. It is a marker whose liquid is in the style of a jelly enamel (so transparent) and that is used to make various effects on the nails (watercolor, "smoke", marble style, etc.), including the one that I have given it: make some super quick and easy flowers to draw on our nails 👌. Here you can see it and below I give you more information about it. It's called "Flying gently" and the name seems very accurate to me because it is very soft as it "flies" or moves when tracing on the nails 😊.

For the base of the manicure I chose a light vanilla tone.

I drew flowers with the marker and then put a small dark brown dot in the center. On the index and ring nails there are half flowers in a "French" design, and then the remaining nails do have flowers all over the surface.

And now I am talking about my "savior" for the free-hand technique:

You can find it at this link: BORN PRETTY 1 ml Watercolor Nail Painting Pen Nail Art Design Blossom Beauty Nail Art Design. It costs € 3.41 and its content is 1 ml. There is it in 12 different colors. Take a look because they are very cool. As I said before, they are used for several techniques: to make flowers, for a marble effect or a smoke effect, for coloring using the Lead light technique ... As you can see, the marker comes in a cardboard box with the ink cartridge separately . It is very easy to assemble it: you just have to unscrew it, insert the cartridge and then close and squeeze the end (the opposite of the brush) so that the ink comes out. On the web they give us perfectly the instructions to use it and you can see the result using some of the techniques that I have mentioned.


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