【Correct order of applying nail polish】
1: base coat
Be sure to apply base coat! Don't feel the base coat
It's useless, the base gel can help isolate our gel polish from the nails and prevent pigmentation. You can't apply the base gel casually, and follow the sequence of applying gel polish first in the middle and then on both sides.
If you like fairies who change their nails frequently, it is recommended to use peelable base gel, which will not cause damage to the nails! The durability of the peelable bottom gel is about 7-10 days! Tip: The base coat follows the principle of thin coating. If it is too thick, it easily fails to dry under the light, and it will be accompanied by a slight pain during the light. In addition, it is easy to cause color glue shrinkage and delamination. The lighting time of the base glue is slightly longer than that of the color glue. If the LED light is used, the light time is 6 the 0s, and if the UV light is used, the light is 90S-120S.
2. Color gel
There are two key points for color glue: the first layer is thinly applied, and the second layer is evenly applied.
If the first layer is too thick, the color glue will accumulate on the nail surface, which will eventually make the entire nail surface uneven. Depending on the texture of the nail polish, slight unevenness in color is acceptable, and uneven application is allowed, but there should be no pits. The second layer needs to be applied evenly. If the color is saturated at this time, it can be coated with a sealing layer after drying. Generally, solid colors are applied twice, and light colors and translucent colors are applied three times.
3. Top coat
There should be neither too much sealing nor too little. The sealer can make the nail color shiny, and the effect can be longer-lasting. If the seal coat is applied too little or too much, it will not shine. It is recommended to apply a thin layer for the first time. When the surface of the nail is transparent, you can illuminate it. If it is not bright, then apply a thin layer.

【Tips for applying gel polish】

At present, nail polish glue on the market is divided into bottled glue and boxed glue. Because of the difference in packaging design, the tools used are also different. Bottled glue comes with a brush head. For boxed glue, you need to use a phototherapy brush. It is recommended to use a flat pen and a large round pen. These two brush heads are slightly larger and easier to brush flat.
1. When removing the glue, first scrape off the nail polish glue on the brush rod and the back of the brush head, leaving only a small amount of glue on the front. If you take the glue directly without scraping the glue, it will cause too much glue and it will be difficult to spread evenly.
Viewed from the side, the brush head has an arc shape at the front end, and only one side has nail polish:
For box glue, the pen should be moistened first. Use a phototherapy pen to remove the color gel and place it on a glass plate. Apply on both sides of the brush, allowing the color glue to penetrate into the middle of the brush to reduce brush marks.
2. When applying glue, the brush head and the nail surface are at 45°, from top to bottom, one stroke should be continuous to the end, without interruption in the middle. Note that the technique must be light, do not press the brush head down hard (remember to wrap the edge). Keep the speed moderate, not too fast, or there will be small air bubbles easily, and too slow will cause nail polish accumulation and unevenness.
The brush head is placed 3mm away from the edge of the nail, and the brush is gently pushed forward 1-2mm, which can leave a smooth arc on the upper edge of the nail, making the nail look more rounded, and can visually correct long crooked nail. When brushing both sides, the lines must be straightened. For nails with wider nails, you can leave more space on both sides to make the nails look slimmer.
3. In order to make the color fuller, the coloring glue is usually applied twice, and the amount of glue taken in the second time of coloring is less than that of the first time.
4. When the painted nail surface touches the edge skin, we can take a clean orange wood stick and wrap it with a little cotton, dip it in a little alcohol, and gently wipe it off with the orange stick on its side.
Tip: Binding. During the whole process of applying the nail polish glue, it is necessary to wrap the edge. If the edge wrapping is not in place, the nail polish glue is easy to warp and fall off. There are two common methods of wrapping:
(1) First brush the whole nail and then wrap the edges, first brush the entire nail surface, and then use a brush to gently sweep the top of the fingertips. However, this method is easy to cause the tips of the nails to accumulate and look thick, which is not suitable for babies with short nails.
(2) Wrap the edge first and then brush the whole body, first apply the third part of the fingertips, then brush the whole fe, and finally brush the whole part evenly.

【FAQs of Gel Polish】

1. Why did it fall? Warped?
Nail Front Lifting
(1) If the hemming is not done well, the fingertips will easily fall off if you do something like opening a jar with your nails a few times.
(2) The nail is thin and soft, but the glue is hard after drying. When the nail is bent, the nail polish glue is easy to crack in the middle part of the bend and fall off
(3) The glue is too thick, the inside is not dried, and the adhesion is not enough
(4) The front end is not engraved in place or the engraving is too strong. Under normal circumstances, lightly grind it
The back end of the manicure is warped
(1) Inadequate cleaning, grease, moisture or impurities on the nail surface will cause the subsequent glue to separate from the nail surface
(2) If it is not polished in place, the rear end of the nail surface is not engraved in place, which will not have enough attraction for the subsequent glue. Be careful when grinding, and the corners and corners should also be ground
(3) The dead skin is not removed. When applied to dead skin or skin, when the skin is pulled, the glue will also be lifted and separated
Manicure falls off
(1) There are impurities on the primer
(2) The primer is not dry, just apply a layer of primer as thin as possible
(3) The primer and nail polish used are of different brands, resulting in repulsion
(4) There is no bounding or painting out of the scope of the nail.
2. Why does it shrink?
(1) The shrinkage phenomenon is that the glue shrinks to the place with more glue, and the thin glue shrinks to the thick place.
(2) The operation time is too long. If the 5 fingers are brushed and placed on the phototherapy lamp together, the glue itself will stay on the nail for too long, and shrinkage will easily occur. If the speed of brushing nail polish is not fast enough, it is recommended to brush 1 or 2 fingers for the backlight first, and then brush the others, which is equivalent to 5 fingers divided into 2 or 3 operations.
(3) If each layer is too thick, it is easy to shrink the glue, or the nail polish is not dried.
(4) The lamp tube is aging or damaged. Generally, after a period of use, the lamp tube will age, the power will decrease, and the light effect will decrease. Therefore, after the lamp has been used for a period of time, it is necessary to check and replace the lamp tube. Some lamp tubes are broken and not found in time, and there will also be a phenomenon that the light will not dry and shrink. Therefore, it is necessary to check the lamps frequently and replace them in time.


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