1. Metallic Painting Gel ( 49151 )

Exquisite Color , Easy to Apply , Creative Painting , Noble and Elegant , Easy to Match , Different Style Nail Art

Draw the pattern you want on any base color gel. It has a variety of colors to choose from, and it can also be used together with many of our products. More importantly, it is deeply loved by our customers and brand ambassadors, and it is also a very popular product on our website. You can pay attention to our Ig or youtube, and our professional manicurists will use this product to do more nail art designs to provide more creativity for our fans.

2. Jelly Nude Gel ( 54133 )

Jerry nude gel is very suitable for daily commuting and special occasions. It is a naked product, but it is not colorless. On the contrary, it has a high gloss, which will make your nails very bright and shiny. Similarly, it can also be used with other gel polish. It is worth mentioning that it is very popular with some customers who want to attend formal occasions. We have received many fans to use it to attend weddings, meetings and other occasions.


3. Black Spar Series Gel ( 54247 )

Black spar series are born pretty star series products with rich color series, which can be used as daily pure color nail polish, and can also be combined with other product combinations DIY light special effect nail art, such as reflective glitter gel, metallic painting gel, watercolor gel ect. They are absolutely not to be missed.

4. Sea Blue Cat Magnetic Gel ( 54748 )

Sea blue cat magnetic gel is a new product launched by born pretty in mid June. Because of its unique ocean + cat eye effect, it is deeply loved by cat eye lovers. Unlike other cat eye gel polishes, its color is very suitable for summer.

5. Super Top Coat ( 52090 )

After finishing the whole nail design, the essential step is to apply top coat, which will increase the durability of the nail, improve the gloss of the nail ect.


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