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    BORN PRETTY Hybrid Varnishes Review #49180

    Hey loved ones!

    Welcome to this sunny Tuesday day! Today we come to you to boast about the latest achievements of the Bornprettystore brand! As you well know, we visit their online store very often and we have a lot of products from them! This time, we will take a closer look at two beautiful, shiny hybrid varnishes and one plate with stamping patterns. As for the shipment of products, we are on average satisfied with it. The products came to us for about 2 months, so quite a long time, but I think it may be caused by a virus. They were tightly packed, which we consider a big plus! When it comes to covering, it is known that it will not be perfect in varnishes with glitter, where the base is transparent or has a light beige color. The effect itself is very satisfactory! Both products caught our taste and show what we see on the store's website. As for the plaque, we already have 3 templates from them and each of them works as it should, so we can recommend it with all our hearts! The pattern is also very fashionable, holiday. It shows tropical plants and more. Perfect for summer! How do you like them? Do you have anything from BP?

    Plate model: Tropical Punch L006

    Paint color: BP-CHS111 Slowly Kiss

    Paint color: BP-CHS87 Everyone Speeding

    BORN PRETTY Gel Polish #49180


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