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    Fuchsia Manicure Mirror Nail Pigment Powder Review #46283

    Hello..!! Today I show you a very striking manicure, because I have used a fuchsia pigment with a mirror / metallic finish that takes away the hiccups. To decorate I use vinyls with Animal Print design.

    The materials I have used are:

    - Base Coat gel "No wipe" UV/LED Born Pretty.

    - Black enamel GEL Neé Jolie F20.

    - Top Coat Gel"No Wipe" lámpara UV/LED BORN PRETTY STORE.

    - Fuchsia mirror effect Nail Pigment Powder No. 2.

    - Adhesive guides / vinyls Animal Print design.

    I start by applying a layer of Base Coat Gel and curing for 1 minute in an LED lamp. Then make up with 2 layers all nails with a black gel polish and cure with a lamp. This step of making up the nails with black gel polish is essential, this is how the pigment works, always on a black gel base. If you don't have black gel polish, you can make up with normal black polish, let it dry very well and apply gel top coat on the nails so that the pigment works. To decorate I'm going to release a fuchsia pigment No. 2, which gives a vibrant metallic or mirror finish due to its color. They have 15 different colors to choose from, they are all crazy .. !! They send it to me from Born Pretty Store, a web store where you can find a multitude of products, from makeup, clothing, jewelry, but in my case the choice of products are those special for Nail Art. 

    I apply the pigment on 2 nails over the entire surface, using an eyeshadow applicator that comes with the pigment. The finish is spectacular, of all the pigments that I have tried, this is the one that gives the best result. On 2 other nails I use the Animal Print design vinyl and apply the pigment.

    To say that I am happy with the result would be to say little, I love the color and the application that this pigment has given, I give it a 10 .. !! To finish the manicure, I apply a Top Coat Gel and cure for 1 minute in an LED lamp.


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