Nail brush is one of the common tools for manicures, and it is also one of the commonly used consumables. When using a nail brush, it often happens that it doesn't take long to dry and fork. It is worth noting that there are methods for nail brush opening, pen washing, and maintenance.

Tool materials to be used: pen washing glue (or transparent glue such as base coat, top coat, etc.), pen washing water, small cup, color palette, pen

Step: 1. Wipe off the glue on the nail brush as much as possible with a wet cotton pad stained with cleaning liquid, which can reduce the cleaning behind.

two。 Pour an appropriate amount of pen washing water into a small cup, and shake the nail brush left and right so that the pen water will dissolve the glue inside the nail brush, do not stir vertically, it is easy to bend the pen apart. Gently, then wipe off the excess nail brush sanitizer with a dry cotton pad.

3. Check that the nail brush is clean, and if there are colors that are difficult to clean, you need to clean them again. Drop a drop of pen-washing glue on the color palette and drag the nail brush gently to the left and right again to see if there is any residual glue.

4. Drag off the excess pen-washing glue from the nail brush, leaving a small amount to gather all the hairs of the nail brush.

5. Put on the pen cap and keep it away from the light, arrange it into the pencil case, and store it.

Tips: during the manicure operation, you must pay attention to the nail brush away from ultraviolet rays and manicure light.


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