It has been a long time since I showed you anything about the Born Pretty website around here, I really like that website, it has super cool things, what I like the most are the stamping plates!

Today I want to show you the latest things that came to me and the nail art I made with them.

It consists of two stamping plates, a stamp and a matte gel top coat, I'll show you!

The first thing I released was the Nicole Diary-160 plate # 49298 and the stamp. I love these types of designs and lately I use them a lot and the stamp # 47323 I fell in love as soon as I saw it, it is large, transparent, with the cuteness of the pebbles ... But, I do not finish doing it, the finest lines are not take them well or at least I am not capable, the rest of the designs without problem. So it was a bit of a disappointment.

This was the manicure I did, if I also went for yellow and black lol.

And the last thing left was Nicole Diary's L-23 plate and the matte top coat. The plate is beautiful, I love the designs of space and this one has them with a more mystical touch and in the line of the designs of the other plate, it also has some design to do in layers.

The Matte Top Coat #49189 is amazing, it looks super good, in a dry lamp in 30s and there is no sticky layer. I love it and for watercolor effect designs it is perfect.

Well this is it for today girls.


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