1. Apply softener on the back edge of the nail and push the dead skin off (it must be cleaned up, which can prevent the nail from warping later)

2. Cut the nail short, and then use a sand bar to polish the nail surface until there are no reflective, especially the side position (note: grind the nail surface instead of thinning it)

3. Choose the right false nail tips (selection skill: choose the one that can cover the edges on both sides of the nail, and you can't choose a nail that is smaller than the original nail)

4. Grind the junction of the nails to the thinnest

5. Apply base glue on the original nail, rubbing back and forth on the nail surface during the application process, so that the base glue is completely attached to the original nail

6. Cure for 30 seconds

7. You can choose different products to Paste false nail tips, such as nail gel, nail tips gel, non-stick extension gel, etc.

8. Use nail scissors to cut the nail piece to a desired length, repair the burr, and then polish the connecting position

9. Use a sponge to polish the nail surface as a whole, and use an alcoholic cotton pad to clean the nail surface.

10.Apply a thin layer of base coat on the nails, and cure for 30 seconds

11. Apply a layer of reinforcement gel to the depression on the back edge of the nail and gently brush it towards the fingertips. Invert it for 20 seconds to allow the glue to level off naturally. Apply another layer after cure for 2 minutes to increase the firmness of the nail.

12.Wipe off the floating glue on the surface, and polish the nail surface a little