What you must do during the winter and holidays: There’s nothing like getting your nails a new look! The perfect combination of long-lasting nails and holiday patterns can cheer you up throughout the season. You can appreciate and dig out some excellent and outstanding nail art, and we can also provide a variety of inspiration and creativity, such as Christmas-themed nails, winter snowflake creative nail designs, checkered nails, glittering holiday nails, and so on. You can learn more about design and self-making, becoming the most dazzling one at festivals!

What elements should nail design have in winter: Snowflakes, glitter, plaid or tartan, hints of gold, and more.

1. The combination of jelly nude color and glitter, coupled with the drawing design of snowflakes, add luster to the dull tones of winter, as dazzling as brilliant fireworks.



2. French classic nude sequined nails, if you do not want too complicated nail design, you can try this style, this nail design will certainly add your favorite light to the manicure.



3. Leopard print gold foil nails, winter is the most suitable for adding some ornaments to the nail design. The embellishment of gold foil makes the color match more harmonious, full of metal, and retro flavor.

4. Candy Cane Nail Art


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