There are many different nail styles in the fashion world, and Born Pretty Today has prepared a list of the best gel polish designs you didn't know existed.

Green Jelly Gel Nails

Green jelly gel nails

1.jelly gel nails usually have a translucent effect and look similar to jelly. Green jelly gel manicures have a fresh, translucent green look

2.The texture of jelly gels is usually soft and smooth, with a shiny, translucent effect when applied to nails

3.Manicures using jell-O gel usually last longer than traditional nail polish, staying on for weeks without peeling

4.Nail design can be combined with other design elements, such as glitter, sequins, stickers or hand-painted patterns, to add personality and beauty to the nail

Green Jelly Gel Nails

Glitter Jelly Nails

1.Glitter effect: Adding glitter or glitter to the jelly gel adds a shiny effect that makes nails shine in the light

Glitter Jelly nails

2.Color options: Jelly gels and sequins can be selected in a variety of colors to create countless different combinations to suit every occasion and mood

Glitter Jelly nails

In short
Is this your favorite best gel polish?
Match colors: Try different color combinations, such as pink jelly gel with silver sequins, or blue jelly gel with gold sequins.
Creative design: You can apply gradients, French manicures or other creative designs on your nails to add a personalized effect


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