Hello..!! This time I am going to present you a super simple sailor-style manicure, with a nude base and black stamping of anchor designs.

I apply a hardening treatment on the nails and make-up with a beautiful sand nude Gel Nail Polish with small red flecks, it is CHS75 "Strenuous Heart". An ideal color to use as a base for decorated manicures. I apply 2 layers and cure each of them in an LED lamp for 1 minute each layer.

This gel polish CHS75 "Strenuous Heart" is sent to me from Born Pretty Store, with a glass container and 10ml capacity. On the web they offer us a 120 color chart, a madness of creamy enamels, with glitter, topper and speckles like the one I show you. You can find them in Born Pretty, a web store where you can find a multitude of products, from makeup, clothing, jewelry, but in my case the choice of products are those special for Nail Art.

To decorate, I choose to release a plate that had been stored for a long time and I had a tremendous desire to try. It is the YZWLE-09, round with sailor designs of anchors and rudders.

To stamp I use a black polish, on my thumb nail I stamp a large design of an anchor and on the 2 central nails I choose a French Manicure design with medium and small anchors attached.

To finish, I apply a Top Coat Gel and cure in an LED lamp for 1 minute, thus making sure that my manicure lasts bright and perfect all week.


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