In the process of exploring and best suited to summer manicures, we have been inspired by some of Born Pretty best sellers and new products to create diversified and easy-to-operate nail art, also combined with recent popular powder products and sparkling cat's eye styles for summer, they all look so shiny and charming, would you like to join our nails design journey? Of course, more nail inspiration is waiting for your DIY.


The key products used are:

Chrome Mirror Nail Powder (Product id:49523)

Aurora Liquid Powder (55938)

Sea Blue Cat Magnetic Gel (54938)

Pearl Powder (39324)

Jelly Nude Gel(56347)

Super Shine Cat Magnetic Gel (56340)

Pat Painting Gel (56173)

All products can be searched on the website by ID


1. Trendy 3D metallic nail art


2. Dreamy Milky Way Nail Art


3. Chrome x Gem Nail Art


 4. Cat Eye Galaxy Ombre Nails











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