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Get ready for your nails to be art, elegant, cool. Inspired by any moment, marble nail design should not be limited by color and style.


Products used: BORN PRETTY

BORN PRETTY Base Coat/Top Coat

BORN PRETTY Black Spar Series(Product id 52337,54247)


How to DIY a perfect marble nail:
  1. Apply base coat and cure
  2. Select your favorite color gel polish, apply one layer, and cure
  3. Select one or more colors of gel polish and mix them. Apply them to the nails with a brush to make them marble, and then cure them
  4. Apply top coat and cure

What style of marble nails do you like?

1.Sweet heart  From@wanderstar_nails(Instagram)

2.Gold foil nails  From@marvelousxnails(Instagram)

3.Golden beach  From@bornprettyoffical(Instagram)


4. Glitter Lavender  From@bornprettyoffical(Instagram)

About marble nails, BORN PRETTY can provide you with rich design inspiration. Follow our social account to learn about detailed style video tutorials. Of course, our partners, fans, brand ambassadors also provide more and more marble nails ideas.



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