People who pay attention to nail art are often troubled by this problem. Nails are fragile and often cause some damage to the nails after nails removing, and it takes a long time to wait for the nails to recover. This is very regrettable for nail art lovers, BORN PRETTY To solve this problem, developed this new product, which can repair broken nails.

BORN PRETTY New Product  Fiber Glass Extension Nail Gel(Product id 55894), feature +50% tough fiber use without stirring.

what it can solve:

  1. Rich In Fiber
  2. Firm And Durable
  3. Painless
  4. Easy Shape 


1. Nature Nails: Transparent Gel Repair Strengthen

2. Easy To Handle:sticky-no Fluidity

3. Strong Support: Glass Fiber-tough Fiber

How to use:

2 Ways to use our Fiber Glass Extension Nail Gel

  1. Repair Broken Nails



  1. Extension Nails





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