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Who there loves a golden nail polish? The nail of the week has this and a lot of shine! The nail polish I chose is a beautiful holographic gold, which I received from Born Pretty Store. If you still don't know the Born Pretty Store, this online store is from China and sells several nail polishes and products for nail decorations.

Unha da semana: Esmalte holográfico dourado Born Pretty Store!

It has a beautiful and bright effect, which you can see better in well-lit environments and in the sun. The enamel has the flattened brush, which facilitates the application of the product. I put two layers, and the finish was perfect. I loved the fact that the drying was quick, I can never settle down too long for the enamel to dry, and I end up spoiling it hahaha.

Unha da semana: Esmalte holográfico dourado Born Pretty Store!

It lasts a few days on the nails, and continues with that super shine. For those who want to buy, you can check this link Holographic Nail Polish, there is this and other colors on the site.

So, what did you think of the nail polish?


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