BORN PRETTY Nail Stamping Plates Geometry Dot Pattern Geometry - L006

Quantity: 1 Pc
Model: As the pictures show
Material: Stainless Steel

Package Content:
1 Pc BORN PRETTY Nail Stamping Plates

100% brand new and high quality.
It is very convenient and easy to use.
Measure your need to create looks beautifully.
Suitable for professional use and home use.

How to use it: 
Step 1. Remove the blue protective film from the stamping plate.
Step 2. Apply stamping polish on the drawing.
Step 3. Make a scraper leaned more than 45 degrees and scrape off excessive polish quickly and strongly from the inside out.
Step 4. Immediately press the matrix key with a gentle motion roll to take the design. The image is transferred to the matrix.
Step 5. Stamp the image onto your nail with a gentle motion roll. The image is transferred to your nail.
Step 6. Repeat the previous steps for all your nails.