Resin Flowers Heart Colorful UV Color Change Nail Decoration with Gold Beads Manicure Accessory

Color: 6 different colors (random)
Size: Mixed
Character: Color changed by UV/sunshine

Package Contents:
6 Grids/1 Box Nail Decoration

100% new retail and high quality
Used as nail accessories, ornaments, decorations of Flowers art
Perfect for both professional use and personal use

There are 6 different colors in box and its color is changed by UV light or sunshine.
After the UV lamp curing it, the color change will be more obvious.
The color change degree depends on the time of curing or hitting by sunshine, please clear.
Different curing time, the color has a little difference.

How to use:
Step 1: Apply a layer of base gel and cure it.
Step 2: Apply a layer of your favorite nail gel color and cure it.
Step 3: Apply glue to the nail surface for decoration.
Step 4: Put the accessories in the right place.
Step 5: Apply the top coat and cure it.