I have been looking towards BORN PRETTY Watercolor Nail Painting Pen for a long time, I was curious to know what this pen is. But what stopped me was that I didn't know how to draw, and I could hardly draw at least something. But then I saw an abstract design on gel polish on Instagram and thought that with the help of such pens I could definitely draw something like that. I ordered the BORN PRETTY Watercolor Nail Painting Pen in three shades: BP-HI01 The Glory of Star, BP-HI04 Holy Mate and BP-HI09 Do A Wish.

Watercolor Nail Painting Pen is a watercolor nail polish designed for nail art.
How to assemble the "handle":

We take out the pen itself and a color cartridge with varnish from the box.

Unscrew the part with the brush at the handle and insert the cartridge there.

We twist the handle and press the "button" at the top of the handle until it snaps into place.

The handle is now ready to use.
Now in more detail on shades.
BP-HI01 The Glory of Star is a bright azure shade.

When applied in a thin layer, the shade turns out to be sky blue, but if you add another layer, it becomes brighter and closer to turquoise.

The shade on the brush is as similar as possible to what is obtained on the nails.

BP-HI04 Holy Mate is a vibrant purple hue.

In one layer, this shade looks lavender, but if layered, then the color becomes brighter and you can reach neon purple.

On the cyst, you can see what this shade looks like.

BP-HI09 Do A Wish is a teal shade.

When applied in one coat, it looks pale green, but when layered, a light turquoise note also appears.

On the brush you can see what the shade looks like.

Since all polish pens are of the same quality, I will not go into detail about each. The texture of the varnishes is liquid, watery, but when applied, they do not spread and do not float away, so it is very easy to apply them, almost like an eyeliner in the form of the same pen. It turned out to be much easier to draw than I expected, you just brush and the color remains exactly where it was applied. If desired, you can easily add brightness with a second layer, or mix several colors. The varnish dries quickly.

I applied L'Oreal Color Riche 858 Ocean Porcelaine to regular varnish, although the description on the site indicates a gel varnish, these varnish-pens work perfectly with regular varnish.

Since I am still an artist, I used the simplest principle: I randomly applied strokes with each color in turn. Then I gradually added more layers of each paint in turn, and in the end I got this abstract drawing. After the smears had dried, I applied a thin layer of the top to solidify the color pattern.

BORN PRETTY Watercolor Nail Painting Pen turned out to be very easy to use, you just need to assemble the pen and paint whatever your heart desires with a regular brush. I will continue to experiment and if I get something interesting, I will show it separately.


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