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    BORN PRETTY Iridescent Nail Sequins Nail Glitter Powder

    Quantity: 1 Box
    Weight: Approx.1g/Box
    Color: As the picture shows

    Package Contents:
    1 Box Nail Sequins & Nail Powder

    100% brand new and high quality nail pigment powder
    Nail decoration french glitter nails
    Easy to apply on natural or artificial nails

    How to use:
    1.Prepare your nails with UV BASE COAT and cure it under UV/LED lamp.
    2.Apply UV COLOR GEL.(DO NOT cure!)
    3.Use tweezer to apply the sequins onto your nails.
    4.Cure it under UV/LED lamp.
    5.Seal it with UV TOP COAT and cure it under UV/LED lamp.