Extension Nail Gel Polish 60ml Jelly Clear White Pink Builder Gel


Type: Extension Gel Polish
Color: 4 Colors
Quantity: 1 Box
Capacity: 60ml
Suitable Lamp: UV Lamp or LED Lamp
Package Contents: 1 Box 60ml Extension Gel


It is quick-drying with any UV Light.
This nail gel is easy to apply and soak off.
Allow you for professional or home nail art design.
A professional Nail Art Gift for yourself or your girlfriend.

How to Use

How to Apply the Extension Gel?
1. File the nail surface lightly.
2. Wipe the nail surface with alcohol.
3. Apply a very thin layer of base gel, and cure it under UV/LED lamp.
4. Place the nail form on the front edge of the nail, and stick it on both sides.
5. Apply the extension gel to the proper length at the joint of the nail form, and cure it for 60s.
6. Fix with a shaping clip for 5-10s, and cure it for 30s.
. Apply a second layer of extension gel and cure it for 30s.
8. Take off nail form, and sanding the shapes of nails.
9. Wipe the dust.
10.Apply top coat and cure it for 60s.

How to Remove the Extension Gel?
• Polishing the nail surface with nail file to remove the top coat.
• Wrap each nail in cotton pad soaked with acetone for around 5 to 10 minutes.
• Take off the cotton pad and use the cuticle pusher to remove the gel.

Warm Reminder:
* Avoid touching the ears, nose, mouth, eyes, and other parts, as well as sensitive skin, skin with wounds, or allergic skin. * If accidentally touched, it is recommended to wash immediately with water.
* Store in a cool place. Keep out of sunlight or extreme exposure to LED or UV light.
* If redness or other signs of adverse reaction occur, discontinue use immediately.