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    BORN PRETTY Jelly Nail Polish Rosemary Review #48735

    Back in 2014, OPI released tint lacquers with a translucent texture, but I could not get them then. And now, after quite a long time, I have new tints BORN PRETTY Translucent Jelly Nail Polish Semi-transparent Overlaying Nail Art Varnish and today I will show the shade BP-TR04 Rosemary.


    Translucent Jelly Nail Polish is a translucent, vibrant color nail polish that can be layered, but still has the same texture as colored glass or jelly.
    The varnish is packed in a box and sealed in a film.

    BP-TR04 Rosemary is a terracotta jelly that is pinker in one layer, but turns redder and darker in several layers. By the number of layers, the shade can vary from pink to tomato.

    The texture of this shade is thick and jelly, but in application it is quite obedient and does not spread. The shade is easily leveled, but quickly sets, so you need to apply quickly, since there are no problems with this.

    In the photo above, I collage how the varnish looks in 1, 2 and 3 layers. The varnish already looks tight in two layers, and in three layers it looks absolutely perfect. The varnish dries quickly, and the finish is glassy and glossy.

    The nail polish has a great jelly density for making glitter sandwiches, so I decided to do this manicure. For the shade of this varnish, I chose Essence Snow White 02, it combines particles of different sizes and shapes.

    I applied one coat of varnish, then a coat of glitter, a coat of varnish and again a coat of glitter, and finally the last coat of varnish. I did not use the top, but it dried well each layer. It seems that there are many layers, but due to the translucent texture of the tint on the nails, the varnish looks airy.


    Born Pretty Translucent Jelly Nail Polish Rosemary Tint can be used like regular jelly polish, or can be used to create designs or glitter sandwiches, there are many options. I love jelly polishes for the beautiful glass effect on nails, but I also liked the combination with glitter, so I will try this nail design again.


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