BORN PRETTY 10ml UV Gel Nail Polish 100 Colors Nail Gel Varnish Gel Nail Polish BORN PRETTY
BORN PRETTY 10ml UV Gel Nail Polish 100 Colors Nail Gel Varnish BORN PRETTY
BORN PRETTY 10ml UV Gel Nail Polish 100 Colors Nail Gel Varnish Gel Nail Polish BORN PRETTY
BORN PRETTY 10ml UV Gel Nail Polish 100 Colors Nail Gel Varnish BORN PRETTY
BORN PRETTY 10ml UV Gel Nail Polish 100 Colors Nail Gel Varnish Gel Nail Polish BORN PRETTY

UV Gel Nail Polish 10ml Nail Gel Varnish

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BP-CHS01 Night-King
BP-CHS02 Little Lamb
BP-CHS03 Refinement Girl
BP-CHS04 Exquisiteness
BP-CHS05 Daintiness
BP-CHS06 Killer
BP-CHS07 Stop Talking
BP-CHS08 Bamboo Shoots
BP-CHS09 Sedate
BP-CHS10 Cold-heart
BP-CHS11 Soul of Night
BP-CHS12 No Resentment
BP-CHS13 Magnolias
BP-CHS14 Refined-kiss
BP-CHS15 Young-love
BP-CHS16 Cool-headed
BP-CHS17 Question
BP-CHS18 Dispassionate
BP-CHS19 Begonia Flowers
BP-CHS20 Corn Poppy
BP-CHS21 Blooming Girl
BP-CHS22 Rotten Flower
BP-CHS24 Silhouette
BP-CHS25 In Frost
BP-CHS26 Autumn-Chrysanthemum
BP-CHS27 Coda
BP-CHS28 Epilog of Summer
BP-CHS29 Long-silent
BP-CHS30 Lemon Pie
BP-CHS31 Ginger-sugar
BP-CHS32 Orange Juice
BP-CHS34 Sweet-autumn
BP-CHS36 Blue Light
BP-CHS37 Brook Wind
BP-CHS38 Come and Go
BP-CHS39 Blue Clouds
BP-CHS41 Lichen
BP-CHS42 Apple Pudding
BP-CHS43 Jade Green
BP-CHS44 Spring Field
BP-CHS46 Mallow
BP-CHS47 Mineral Violet
BP-CHS48 Heliotrope
BP-CHS49 Talking Moon
BP-CHS50 Frost and Sword
BP-CHS51 Cement
BP-CHS53 Moon Marks
BP-CHS54 Empty Heart
BP-CHS57 Puberty
BP-CHS58 Fortitude
BP-CHS59 Growing Feelings
BP-CHS61 Peacock Feathers
BP-CHS62 Sininen
BP-CHS63 Earthy Brown
BP-CHS64 Rust Red
BP-CHS65 Burgundy
BP-CHS66 Dame
BP-CHS67 Green Pepper
BP-CHS68 Plantation
BP-CHS70 Grass-Green
BP-CHS72 Bean Green
BP-CHS73 Decorous
BP-CHS75 Strenuous Heart
BP-CHS76 Premeditate
BP-CHS77 Peach Fan
BP-CHS78 Her-smiles
BP-CHS79 Left Warm
BP-CHS80 Snow Dancing
BP-CHS82 Conspicuous
BP-CHS84 Silver Flowers
BP-CHS85 Jealous
BP-CHS86 Unforgettable Night
BP-CHS87 Evening Makeup
BP-CHS88 Electrify Mine
BP-CHS89 Cut Me To Size
BP-CHS90 Electrify Heart
BP-CHS91 Epiphanies
BP-CHS92 Touched Clouds
BP-CHS93 Fancy Day
BP-CHS94 Burning Stars
BP-CHS95 Heals with Time
BP-CHS96 Lose Control
BP-CHS97 Everyone Speeding
BP-CHS98 Slowly Minutes
BP-CHS99 Under Earth
BP-CHS100 Our Sound
BP-CHS101 Retrace Lips
BP-CHS102 Blooming Again
BP-CHS103 Back to Life
BP-CHS104 Confession
BP-CHS112 A Sight
BP-CHS115 Judgement
BP-CHS118 Appetence
BP-CHS119 Over Night
BP-CHS120 Overjoyed
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Brand: BORN PRETTY           
Type: Gel Polish
Color Chart: 100 Colors for Choose
Quantity: 1 Bottle
Volume: About. 10ml
Ingredient: Resin
Long Period: About 30 Days
Suitable Lamp: UV Lamp or LED Lamp

Package Contents:
1 Bottle 10ml BORN PRETTY Gel Nail Polish

Why Choose Our Gel Polish?
It is made of healthy, environmental, friendly, no poisonous, pungent chemical materials.
It is quick-drying with any UV Light.
Long lasting for at least 30 days, fantastic and super bright nails for you.
This nail gel polish is easy to apply and soak off.
Allow you for professional or home nail art design. 
A professional nail art gift for yourself or your girlfriend.

How To Use Our Gel Polish?
Step 1. Clean Nails then clip nail surface as normal nail art process. 
Step 2. Fully shake up the gel polish, it can make the gel polish color balanced. (Important)
Step 3. Apply Base coat first,which can make gel polish lasting longer, cure with UV lamp or LED lamp. (Necessary)
Step 4. Apply first layer of color UV gel directly, cure with UV lamp for 2 minutes or cure with LED lamp for 60 seconds.
Step 5. Apply second layer of color gel and then immediately cure with UV lamp for 2 minutes or cure with LED lamp for 60 seconds.
Step 6. Coat with no wipe gel top coat, cured by UV lamp or LED lamp.

How to Remove Our UV Gel Nail Polish?
1. File the nail surface.
2. Apply nail wipe about 7-10 mins.
3. Apply BORN PRETTY gel remover to remove the excess gel.
4. Apply BORN PRETTY nail cuticle oil and massage it gently.

Gentle Tips:
1. Avoid all skin contact. If redness or other signs of adverse reaction occur, discontinue use immediately.

Additional Information

BP-CHS01 Night-King, BP-CHS02 Little Lamb, BP-CHS03 Refinement Girl, BP-CHS04 Exquisiteness, BP-CHS05 Daintiness, BP-CHS06 Killer, BP-CHS07 Stop Talking, BP-CHS08 Bamboo Shoots, BP-CHS09 Sedate, BP-CHS10 Cold-heart, BP-CHS11 Soul of Night, BP-CHS12 No Resentment, BP-CHS13 Magnolias, BP-CHS14 Refined-kiss, BP-CHS15 Young-love, BP-CHS16 Cool-headed, BP-CHS17 Question, BP-CHS18 Dispassionate, BP-CHS19 Begonia Flowers, BP-CHS20 Corn Poppy, BP-CHS21 Blooming Girl, BP-CHS22 Rotten Flower, BP-CHS24 Silhouette, BP-CHS25 In Frost, BP-CHS26 Autumn-Chrysanthemum, BP-CHS27 Coda, BP-CHS28 Epilog of Summer, BP-CHS29 Long-silent, BP-CHS30 Lemon Pie, BP-CHS31 Ginger-sugar, BP-CHS32 Orange Juice, BP-CHS34 Sweet-autumn, BP-CHS36 Blue Light, BP-CHS37 Brook Wind, BP-CHS38 Come and Go, BP-CHS39 Blue Clouds, BP-CHS41 Lichen, BP-CHS42 Apple Pudding, BP-CHS43 Jade Green, BP-CHS44 Spring Field, BP-CHS46 Mallow, BP-CHS47 Mineral Violet, BP-CHS48 Heliotrope, BP-CHS49 Talking Moon, BP-CHS50 Frost and Sword, BP-CHS51 Cement, BP-CHS53 Moon Marks, BP-CHS54 Empty Heart, BP-CHS57 Puberty, BP-CHS58 Fortitude, BP-CHS59 Growing Feelings, BP-CHS61 Peacock Feathers, BP-CHS62 Sininen, BP-CHS63 Earthy Brown, BP-CHS64 Rust Red, BP-CHS65 Burgundy, BP-CHS66 Dame, BP-CHS67 Green Pepper, BP-CHS68 Plantation, BP-CHS70 Grass-Green, BP-CHS72 Bean Green, BP-CHS73 Decorous, BP-CHS75 Strenuous Heart, BP-CHS76 Premeditate, BP-CHS77 Peach Fan, BP-CHS78 Her-smiles, BP-CHS79 Left Warm, BP-CHS80 Snow Dancing, BP-CHS82 Conspicuous, BP-CHS84 Silver Flowers, BP-CHS85 Jealous, BP-CHS86 Unforgettable Night, BP-CHS87 Evening Makeup, BP-CHS88 Electrify Mine, BP-CHS89 Cut Me To Size, BP-CHS90 Electrify Heart, BP-CHS91 Epiphanies, BP-CHS92 Touched Clouds, BP-CHS93 Fancy Day, BP-CHS94 Burning Stars, BP-CHS95 Heals with Time, BP-CHS96 Lose Control, BP-CHS97 Everyone Speeding, BP-CHS98 Slowly Minutes, BP-CHS99 Under Earth, BP-CHS100 Our Sound, BP-CHS101 Retrace Lips, BP-CHS102 Blooming Again, BP-CHS103 Back to Life, BP-CHS104 Confession, BP-CHS112 A Sight, BP-CHS115 Judgement, BP-CHS118 Appetence, BP-CHS119 Over Night, BP-CHS120 Overjoyed