BORN PRETTY Holo Series Nail Polish BP-FH13 Realize Melody has added a new shade to my holographic collection that I have not yet had. This varnish is from the summer series of Born Pretty holographic products.

Born Pretty Holographic Nail Polish Laser Glitter Nail Art Varnish Polish is a series of 16 holographic shades. There are both standard silver and black and light ones, and a few more bright shades.

The varnish came in a standard cardboard box, which is additionally sealed in film. The brush is also a standard shape and size for all varnishes of the brand.

BP-FH13 Realize Melody - lilac blue linear holographic. The shade of this varnish looks mostly pale lavender, but under some lighting it shows blue tones.

The varnish is liquid in texture, but obedient and lays down exactly where you apply it. On the first layer, the shade looks translucent, but already in two layers, the color is dense. The varnish dries quickly, the finish is smooth and glossy, the durability is very good.

The shade of varnish is tenderness itself. The color is soft, lavender, and without a light source the varnish looks watercolor, but if you add light, it starts to shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow.

The holography is bright, prominent, linear, but without a perfectly sharp rainbow. For me, this shade looks equally beautiful both with holography and without, in the shadow or in the absence of a direct light source.

I have a lot of light holographs in different shades, but there are none similar to Born Pretty Realize Melody. The varnish has an interesting, purple-blue hue and bright holography, it is ideal for both summer and winter.


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