March is the beginning of spring. For nail art lovers, you can try more new nail styles. In terms of color, bright colors, and macaron colors, fluorescent colors have gradually become the first choice. BORN PRETTY is combining popular nail art trends At the same time, the combination of color and style design creates a special and easy-to-operate nail style.


The key products used are:

Silky White Series (product id 55845)

Aurora Liquid Powder (55938)

Non Stick Extension Gel (55514)

Chrome Mirror Powder (49523)

Laser Shining Reflective Powder (52036)

Aurora Non Stick Hand Extension Nail Gel (56031)

All products can be searched on the website by ID


1. Glittering openwork French

Using #bornpretty

Non Stick Extension Gel:DEEP NUDE (55514)

Matte Top Coat (55708-2)

Rhinestone Glue Gel (55273)

Laser Shining Reflective Powder: 05 (52036)


2. Aurora cat magnetic nail style

Using #bornpretty

Sea Blue Cat Magnetic Gel SB14 (54938)

No Wipe Top Coat (52090-2)

Aurora Liquid Powder-AP002 (55938)

Super Top Coat (55708-1)


3. Nail tips : how to get crown nails

Using #bornpretty

Silky White Series:CG035/CG015/CG002(55845)

Chrome Mirror Powder (49523)

Super Top Coat (55708-1)



4. Elegant glitter nail art.

Using #bornpretty
Rubber Base Gel:RBG04 (55341)
Silky White Series:CG028 (55845)
2 in 1 Painting Gel (54833)
Matte Top Coat (55708-2)
Rhinestone Glue Gel (55273)
Laser Shining Reflective Powder:03 (52036)


5. Galaxy nail art style.

Using #bornpretty
🌌Aurora Non Stick Hand Extension Nail Gel:NSG19 (Product ID 56031)
💅Matte Top Coat (55708-2)
😉Rhinestone Glue Gel (55273)
😆Chrome Mirror Powder (49523)
✨Super Top Coat (55708-1)



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