We integrate the common order problems and provide solutions to help users who want to buy products on our website to place orders more easily and quickly, of course, this is only a small part, you can contact us by email or WhatsApp, or Tidio at any time.

WhatsApp: (+86)18602720193  

Email: cs@bornprettystore.com, cs2@bornprettystore.com

1. How to find the product you want

Click on the website category to find the corresponding product category and query, or search for product keywords, such as cat magnetic gel, it will be easier if you know the product ID. Of course, if you see born pretty products from other places but don't know what products you want to buy, you can contact us to help you find out.

2. Discount coupons, gift cards

 After getting the discount coupon for born pretty, you can choose the products you like on our website, enter the code on the checkout page and enjoy the discount price, then pay and place the order.

It is worth noting that discount coupons and gift cards can be used at the same time, and multiple gift cards can also be used at the same time, as long as they are entered and used in turn at code.

3. Failure to make payment at the time of payment

As the Shopify platform has some restrictions on payment methods in some countries, you can contact our customer service staff if you are still unable to place an order after multiple payments. We can provide you with the PayPal collection account number, and we will send you a gift card for the same amount after confirmation of receipt. You can use the gift card when making a payment.

4. Query order logistics status

After the order is shipped, we will send shipping information to your mailbox, which contains the logistics tracking number. You can enter the tracking number on these websites to query the logistics status:




If you place an order but do not receive the shipping information, and you cannot find the order information, or if there is an error in the contact mailbox in your order information, you can contact our customer service staff to provide valid information, such as date of issuance of the order, name, transaction number, etc., we will provide you with the logistics number after the inquiry.

5. Want to purchase a large number of products in bulk

Distributor cooperation can contact our business personnel to negotiate: sales3@bornpretty.com

Individuals and nail salons buy a large number of products, contact our customer service staff to negotiate preferential prices:

WhatsApp: (+ 86) 18602720193

Email: cs@bornprettystore.com, cs2@bornprettystore.com


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