While we all love classic manicures, sometimes you want to have a little different design and more fun with your nails. There are endless nail art designs out there, some of them are actually DIY-able at home. You don’t have to shell out a ton at a fancy nail salon or spend hours perfecting your nail artist technique to get the look.

Born Pretty create a uniquely simple and super easy-to-apply nail art style, follow us to try these special marble nails design.

A Base Color: Your base shade can be any color, from a neutral tone to a bright bold hue.

A Texture Color: This color should be a shade or two lighter than your base shade— you’ll be mixing them together to create the marble effect, Usually we choose three different colors of the same hue to make the texture more saturated and balanced.

A Glitter Color: Choose a glitter shade that will align nicely with your texture color. For shiny that.


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