BORN PRETTY new product Aurora Liquid Powder, compared to conventional mirror powder products, the liquid powder:
Easy Operation
Easy Apply Appropriate Dosage
Liquid Powder
Non Flying Powder
Aurora Chrome Effect


How To Use Aurora Liquid Powder:

  1. Apply gel base color you like.
  2. Apply normal top coat or chrome powder top coat(super top coat is not recommend) and cure it.
  3. Shake the aurora liquid powder before using it to make the liquid more even.
  4. Apply aurora liquid powder on your base color.
  5. Rub it evenly with your fingers.
  6. Repeat the step above twice to make the effect more perfect.
  7. Apply top coat and cure it.
  8. Finished.

TIPS:Aurora liquid powder should be applied on top coat,and no
wipe top coat or chrome powder top coat is suggested.
Aurora liquid powder couldn't be applied on super top coat easily,
because it is too smooth.So super top coat is not recommend.



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