Hello girls! How are you? I hope that very good! Last week it was time to choose between "Raised Hand Vs Placas" and as you can see from the photographs I chose Raised Hand. I decided to release my new Holographic Nail Polish from Born Pretty Store (ID: 42514) and draw a freehand Kawaii Moon and Star next to a lot of mini stars, to make a mini sky on my nails, hahaha. I loved the result! Especially the Moon that I put a little watercolor effect with a celestial glaze. But both drawings were very cute, I really liked this manicure. 

Unlike other holographic enamels, this one is very covering, I have two layers and no other base color (I remember that the first holos had to be applied with a black base first). All the designs are made with semi-permanent enamels, as I have loved using them for drawing for a long time. And as a top coat I used Brescia Acrylic Gloss which I love because it dries the manicure very quickly and leaves an incredible shine. And after the days of wearing this manicure and looking at how cool this polish was in the sun, I decided to get the pedicure to match the manicure, so I put on the same holographic polish and drew some mini stars freehand. I loved the pedicure (I still wear it!) But I admit that it took me a bit of work to make the stars on my feet, hehehe.

And this is all girls, what do you think of my Holographic Kawaii Moon and Star Manicure? Did you like it? And the pedicure? Do you like holographic enamels? Leave everything to me in a comment, you know that I love to read you. 


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