Do you need ideas for your nails? Check out our updated fall nail inspiration to style your nails this fall season with soft warm colors.

The most creative, classic, and eye-catching manicures and nail art for the fall season.


The easiest way to give the appearance of nail art without doing any extra work? Paint a creamy lilac Gel Nail Polish from Born Pretty —is the perfect transitional pair for heading into fall.


2. Mix and Match 

If you can't commit to a single design, try a new one on each nail. It looks supercool and gives you tons of chances to practice your skills. 


3.French Nail Tips

Certainly, the French manicure is still going strong, Bring the nail look into fall. It's also a great way to dip into darker colors.


4.Metallic Drawing Nails

Exceptionally creative metal painting nails can provide more nail inspiration, with a gel polish of different base colors, painting simple lines, patterns, etc., use Born Pretty Metallic Drawing Gel to complete.


5.Marble nails

Marble nails—remains one of the easiest nail art ideas out there.


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