Step 1: Do the nail pre-treatment and polish the nail surface.
Step 2: Choose the nail piece that is suitable for the size of the nail noodle.
Step 3: Apply nail glue to the trailing edge of nail plate (adjust the amount of glue according to the size of nail surface)
Step 4: At the 2/3 of this nail, press the nail plate from top to bottom, spread the glue all over the nail surface and press and fix it for 10 seconds, then let go after the glue dries naturally.
Step 5: Trim and shape with sand bars.
Step 6: Grind the joint between the nail plate and the natural nail with a sand bar, and gently polish the nail surface with a sponge file to remove the burr.
Step 7: Smear the base coat, brush the phototherapy glue to smooth the nail surface.


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