Super Shine Cat Magnetic Gel(Product ID:56340)

F : 1. Upgraded snow light cat magnetic gel, extremely shiny

  1. It is a wide cat-eye

  2. The base color will not be obviously gray and black, and it can better restore the base color. It is suitable for use with various pure color gel or transparent color gel

T : 1. Apply this product on the nail surface that has been primed, be careful not to be too thin
2. Use a magnet, parallel to one side of the nail surface, and gently slide up and down (do not touch the nail surface), when the highlight cat eyeliner appears, switch to the other side and do the same until the nail surface forms a wide cat eye effect, according to light for 30 seconds
3. Observe the brightness and concentration of the cat's eye, and observe whether the base color is gray or black. If the base color can be well restored, the color rendering degree will pass


Mirror Powder Top Coat(Product ID:56095)

F : 1. It is specially designed for rubbing powder, and the mirror powder has higher brightness on the sealing layer
  1. The curing time requirement and the lamp wattage requirements are more tolerant. It can be perfect for more than 30 seconds, and the effect of 30 seconds and 60 seconds is the same, so you are not afraid of excessive lighting.
  2. If the color of the mirror powder is not suitable, wipe off the old color, you can directly apply a new color, no need to polish and re-use the top coat
T : 1. Brush on the nail surface, do not wrap the edge
  1. curing for more than 30 seconds. After curing, you can rub powder on the surface. If the color of the powder is not suitable, you can wipe it off with your hands and apply a new color directly. No need to polish and re-use the top coat
  2. Use a clean cotton pad to wipe off the mirror powder on the front edge of the nail, apply reinforcement gel on the nail, and wrap the edge
  3. Brush the top coat and wrap the nails



Jelly Nude Gel(Product ID:56347)

F : 1. Good color permeability and full color
  1. Rich colors and high practicability
  2. It can be matched with various special effect gels as the base color
T : 1. When brushing on the nail surface, the base color is clear and the base color is evenly distributed without obvious brush marks
  1. The first layer is clear, and the second layer has obvious color


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