1. Shiny starry sky, but it’s pink.💕

Using #bornpretty
😘Rubber Base Gel-RBG01 (55341)
💕Jelly Amber Cat Magnetic Gel-CMG-01(55832)
🖤2 In 1 Painting Gel (54833)
✨Super Top Coat (52076-2)

2. Crescent cat eye.🌙👏

Using #bornpretty
❤️Jelly Amber Cat Magnetic Gel
Colors: CMG-02/CMG-07 (ID 55832)
✨Super Top Coat (52076)

3.Cat eye gel X Cat🐱😍

Using #bornpretty
💙Silky White Series - CG031(55845)
✨Omnipotent Cat Magnetic Gel (53779)
🐱2 In 1 Painting Gel (54833)
💅Super Top Coat (52076)

4. Marble nail art done with our nail tip gel new color.🤩👏

Using #bornpretty
🖤Matte Top Coat (52076-3)
💅Solid Spider Nail Gel (55878)
🤍Reflective Glitter Color Changing Powder
Color: 02 (55458)



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