What is builder gel?

Builder gel is used when you want to create length, thickness or add strength to the nail. You can apply builder gel to either natural nails for a non-chip overlay, or use it with nail tips to create extensions or enhancements. It’s much stronger than regular gel polish base coats, and the formula is a much thicker consistency to a normal base coat. They have high self-levelling properties which ensure a smooth foundation layer.

How to Use Builder Gel:

  1. Use a Buffer to buff the nail surface.
  2. Apply Primer to dehydrate the surface.
  3. Apply a thin layer of Base Coat and cure*.
  4. Apply the Nail Form on your nail.
  5. Apply the Builder Gel on the fingernail tip and cure*.
  6. Apply the Builder Gel on the whole nail and extend it to the desired position and cure*.
  7. Wipe the sticky surface with Cleaner.
  8. Take off the form and shape the nails with Nail File.
  9. Clean the dust with Cleaner.
  10. In this step you can apply Gel Polish Color and cure* and then finish with Top Coat and cure* or you can finish directly with the Top Coat and cure* without any Gel Polish Color.

Most Recommended products on BORN PRETTY to do building nails:

Rubber Base Gel-RBG08(Product id 55341)

  1. Building the apex and structure
  2. Base Gel
  3. Filling the uneven nails





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