How to store gel polish properly seems like an easy concept, but you might be surprised at how much it affects the durability of your gel polish. Storing your gel polish properly will help prevent thick formula consistency, help its durability, and will make your gel polish last longer on your nails. Our formula is long-lasting, but like with make-up products, it’s important to know how to store your gel polish properly and to get the best use of it.


Make Sure the Bottle is Tightly Sealed

You should seal the gel polish bottle after every use, even between coats. A bottle tightly sealed will prevent the solvent in the polish from evaporating.

This, in turn, prevents the polish from thickening and becoming clumpy. It’s not that difficult to fix thick gel polish, but it’s not a permanent solution either.

It’s best to be proactive and prevent it from thickening for as long as possible. This is also how to make gel polish last longer in the bottle.


Store Gel Polish in a Cool, Dry Place

Heat has a way of making nail polish go bad. Store your nail polish in a cool environment that has a consistent temperature. 

The degradation of the compounds in nail polish is accelerated with heat. Keeping it in a consistent and cool environment will slow this down. 

While the solvents will still evaporate, it will be at the normal pace, which is much slower. 

  1. Avoid windows as this usually equals direct sunlight. As we said above, sunlight negatively affects gel
  2. Avoid the bathroom and its temperature fluctuations. It might seem like a great storage place, but the constant heat and humidity are bad. It will turn the gelpolish thick.
  3. Keep it away from any open flame or electrical spark. gelpolish contains solvents, which means that it contains alcohol. In other words, it’s highly flammable. 


Swirl the Gel Polish Occasionally

Mix the gel polish at least once a month, Infrequent use will turn the polish sluggish and make it difficult to use.

When mixing the polish, don’t shake the bottle, Shaking the bottle will cause air bubbles to form in the polish. Swirling the bottle will mix the polish smoothly and prevent clumping.


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