Nail art brushes are the most essential in DIY nail art. Choosing the right nails brush can create perfect nails with half the effort.

The following is the introduction and usage of BORN PRETTY commonly used brushes.

1. Round head light therapy pen
🌈Uses: Apply gel and color, marble, gradient, draw petals, one-stroke forming, more rounded than flat-tip pen after smearing

2. Flat head light therapy pen
🌈Uses: Apply gel and color, painting flatter French nails, extension, glitter sequins, vertical gradients, and marble

3. Lattice Brush
🌈Usage: for plaid painting

4. Carving Brush
🌈Usage: for carving three-dimensional flowers

5. Drawing Brush(Pull thread pen, divided into long, medium and short)
🌈Usage:For nail painting flowers and drawing pattern effects

6. Fan-shaped pen
🌈Usage: Make fingertip gradients dip in the base coat to make gradients without brush marks, and apply sequins and glitters to gradient transitions

7. Blooming Brush
🌈Purpose: Make blooming effect nails



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