The origin of Summer 3D Flower Nails

Surely you never thought that the seemingly far fetched 3D printing technology could be used on your sisters' beautiful nails? A Transforming art team from Japan is transforming it.

Flower 3D Nails

Exquisite and bold 3D printed nail art, will be a revolution in the nail industry? Japanese designer Mizuki Kawano and manicurist Hatsuki Furutani tried to use 3D printing technology to enhance nails, and worked with the film's special effects team to create a concept film

Flower 3D Nails
The nails in the film are full of three-dimensional, as if they have vitality in general, growing into beautiful patterns

They operated a printer "Projet 660 Pro" and printed a total of 521 nails, the thinnest part is only 0.56 mm, which is very valuable
Flower 3D Nails

After that, these nail pieces were placed on the model's hand, and the whole process was taken one by one, which was quite laborious

The production team shot a total of 521 3D printed products, and then used stop-motion to form the film.
In the stop-motion animation, we see the shapes of thousands of paper cranes, fish, flowers and a variety of colorful small finished products. All of this shows that 3D printing may bring more technological innovation to nail art.

Flower 3D Nails

While many senior manicurists are also highly skilled, 3D Flower Nails has taken nail art skills to a level that is beyond human reach. Perhaps in the near future, sisters will be able to enjoy this high-end manicure service ~


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