Are you ready to truly stand out with your chosen gel polish? A lot of women prefer bright and noticeable colours, are you one of those women as well? You can experiment with bright neon colours since they are so trendy and an absolute favourite for this season! Any woman can wear something flashy, especially during the Summer. Let your party side show and explore our top 6 must-have gel polishes down below!

Modern City Neon Gel Series, which should not be missed this summer

Modern City Neon Gel

1. Fluorescent Green

Never miss any neon color in summer, Such a high saturation and gorgeous fluorescent green will add more colors to your nails. Believe me, you are the protagonist of the party after use it.

2. Lemon Yellow

Bright colors will make people more active and enthusiastic,If you are someone who wants to stand out and you are trying to make yourself visible and noticed everywhere you go, you will like this gel polish called”Lemon Yellow”.

3. Orange-red

Orange is a bright, lively and enthusiastic color, and it is the warmest color in the warm color system,Not everyone is a fan of orange polishes or the orange colour in general, In fact, using it to make nail DIY will have unexpected gains.

4. Rose red

Pink is the first choice for girls most of the time. They are seem that it is quiet soft, feminine.

5. Pacific Blue

A pastel light blue is a favourite for the Summer season! It reminds a lot of the sea itself, and it is a hit for hotter days! If you are a fan of gel polishes that are not too girly and that can work for different events, go for the Pacific Blue!

6. Lilac

This soft pastel colour with a bit of neon pop will look feminine and ladylike while seeking looks wherever you go,especially in the Spring and Summer!




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