The final part of the experiments with tint varnishes and today I show the result with the BORN PRETTY Translucent Jelly Nail Polish Semi-transparent Overlaying Nail Art Varnish in BP-TR07 Rustle shade.

Translucent Jelly Nail Polish is a translucent, vibrant color nail polish that can be layered, but still has the same texture as colored glass or jelly.
The varnish is packed in a box and sealed in a film.


BP-TR07 Rustle is a blackberry jelly that varies in hue from lilac pink to purple, depending on the number of layers.

The texture of this shade is thicker, jelly, than that of the raspberry shade. In application, the varnish is obedient, it does not leak, but it also sets quickly, so it is worth applying without unnecessary brush movements in order to get a uniform color. The varnish dries quickly, the finish is glossy.

In the photo above, I collage how the varnish looks in 1, 2 and 3 layers. The more layers, the darker and more saturated this shade becomes, but the marmalade translucency remains.

Since these varnishes have a translucent finish, they are great for making glitter sandwiches. For this shade, I picked up the Essence 67 Make it golden glitter, which combines large hexagons and very small particles of a bright gold color.

I applied one coat of varnish, then a coat of glitter, a coat of varnish and again a coat of glitter, and finally the last coat of varnish. I did not use the top, but it dried well each layer. Due to the transparency of the varnish, some of the glitter particles look pink, since they are hidden by a couple of layers of varnish, and some retained their golden tone, which resulted in an interesting color effect.

Born Pretty Translucent Jelly Nail Polish Rustle can be used like regular jelly nail polish, or can be used to create glitter designs or sandwiches, there are many options. I really liked this shade for its deep color, which is able to slightly change the shade of the glitter, which is inside the layers of varnish.


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