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We continue with new products from Born Pretty Store, this time I am going to talk to you about two, one new for me and another with which I repeat. I will present them:

- Watercolor pen in No. HI04 "Holy mate" (purple) and HI07 "Stealthy Fog" (transparent).

- UV & LED Matte top coat by UR Sugar.

With the watercolor pens I repeat again, I really liked how they were on the nails, you can remember the manicure that I did with the green and red tone in Nail Look No. 539. This time I took the purple tone and the transparent one that is the one that helps to make the gradient (I'll tell you below).

I also wanted to have a matte top coat to cure in a lamp that I have several with a gloss finish but not with this finish.

The manicure was like this:

What do you think? I fell in love with the result, I am enjoying this manicure a lot, I love how the flowers were colored thanks to the pens and the matte finish gives it an even more beautiful effect.

To do the manicure what I did was: Protect my nails with a base, then I applied two layers of white polish, then I stamped the different designs with black and then with the purple pen I was coloring the flower applying color only in the center and in the other the center and the edge. The rest of the design is filled by coloring with the help of the transparent pen, making a color gradient. I did the same with the green pen on the leaves. To finish a layer of matte top coat that I cure in a lamp.

I start by talking about the pens, the other time I used them what I did was make the color gradient with the same tone, applying layers in the areas that I was interested in intensifying. But I discovered that to put these markers to good use, you had to make the gradient with the transparent pen.

What the transparent pen does is to blur the color with the help of the little hairs on the tip and the transparent liquid (no idea if it is enamel, alcohol or some other liquid). If you notice that the tip is stained with color, leaving the tip on absorbent paper will clean it without problems.

Another thing to keep in mind about them is that they work on enamel with a gloss finish, I did a test on enamel with a matte finish and they do not fade because the matte absorbs it. That is why if you want a matte finish, apply at the end of a mattifying top coat.

In my case, I wanted to try UR-Sugar and I loved it, it left a very cool chalk effect on my nails. The only thing that seems too small to me is the container, it could have been something bigger.

In summary to say that I am very happy with the result of the manicure, with these pens a very nice effect is achieved on the nails, I still have another color to teach but I do not rule out getting more tones. And the matte top coat you have already seen how well it mattifies the nails, delighted with it.

I hope you liked it and you give it a lot of love around here and through social networks, kisses!


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