Gel nail extensions are more popular than ever, and most people just look forward and don't start to do it. Sure, a mani on natural nails is classically chic, but there’s something especially glamorous about having longer, stronger nails. Who doesn’t love being able to decide the shape, length, and whether you’re going to go all out with your nail artistry? That’s where gel nail extensions come in.

But just like acrylic nails—one of the oldest ways to achieve the look of long nails without having to grow them yourself—there are pros and cons to gel nail extensions. Check out everything you need to know about gel nail extensions below.

Hottest New Product - Non Stick Hand Extension Nail Gel

It can meet your diverse needs, extending nails, carvings, nail powders.

Compared with other extension gel, it is not sticky, multifunctional and easy to operate (even no tools required).

Professional usage:

Usage 1: extension nail
1. File your nails
2.Apply a very thin layer of base gel, and cure it under UV/LED Lamp.
3.Appy extension nail gel on the tips mould.
4.Apply the gel on the root of the tips mould.
5.Press the extension nail gel with your fingers.
6.Put the tips mould with gel on your fingernails, and make sure it fully plying-up, then cure it under UV/LED Lamp.
7.Remove the tips mould.
8. Shaping the nails to get the shape you want.
9.Apply top coat and cure it under UV/LED Lamp.

Usage 2: Carved
1. Take the extension nail gel.
2. Rub it with your fingers.
3. Put it on your fingernails.
4. Move it, and make sure it is the right place you want.
5. Press it.
6. Cut it with nail tools.
7. Carved it with carving pen.
8. Put rhinestones in the middle of the carved flower, then finished.

Usage 3: Apply nail powder
1. Take the clear extension nail gel.
2. Rub it with your fingers.
3. Put it on your fingernails.
4. Remove the extra parts, and move it to get the perfect effect.
5. Appy nail powder on it.
6. Remove the extra powder, then finished.


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