What will we change first in autumn? clothing? Hairstyle? Or a new nail design? These are the first external changes we made after the season change. Among them, the most inconspicuous but the most important one is the nail design.

Just as everything has seasonal and popular at a certain time, the color of nails also has. In summer, we usually make bright colors, fluorescent colors, and other bright color nails to match summer clothing, and highlight ourselves more. In autumn and winter, our nails will be darker in color with the classic popular colors of the season, such as khaki, coffee, maple leaf, etc, However, in terms of style design, they will be embellished with such elements as broken diamonds, etc... Nail lovers often have rich inspiration and creativity at this time. It is not only to change the color and style of nails but also to share their attitude towards fashion and things they love. Most important everyone has unique personality characteristics.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional manicurist, please join us on the wonderful autumn trip of BORN PRETTY. Next, we will recommend some manicures designed by our professional manicurists for your reference. Of course, this is just a share. If you want to explore more, you can follow our social media account, We have been making and sharing more ideas about DIY nails and more usages and collocations of gel polish.

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1. Autumn Glitter Swirl Nails

Classic autumn color matching+glitter highlights outline, simple design is suitable for everyone at home DIY, smooth lines let people feel intoxicated in the cool autumn wind.

Video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CitgpsWuLuN/


Using #bornpretty

Jelly Nude Gel-JN10(Product id 54133)

Reflective Glitter Flash Nail Gel-RGF06(53087)

Black Spar Series-BP57,BP93(52337)

Super Top Coat(52090)


2.Aurora Effect Cat Magnetic Nails

How to stand out from the dark color matching in autumn and winter? The secret is to add clever "little highlights" to the nails

Cat's eye gel is definitely the right choice. The difference is that the design also adds an element of aurora powder. When you move your nails, it will also show a fantastic aurora effect.double visual enjoyment.

Video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CiwMjbQLlF5/


Using #bornpretty

9D Cat Magnetic Gel-CM07(Product id 54697)

Pearl Powder(39324)


3. Cute Cat DIY Nails

How to match the dull feeling of autumn and winter? Start DIY interesting patterns, lovely animals, beautiful plants, etc., to make your nails vivid, just pay attention to the color matching.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/1xY2MYj95EA


Using #bornpretty

Jelly Nude Gel-JN04(Product id 54133)

Trendy Summer Series-BP01,BP05(52337)

Chrome Powder-16(49523)

Super Top Coat(52090)


4. Crystal Amber Nails From@maria.gellack(Instagram)

Brand new collection with jelly effect, the collection has 6 beautiful popular trend colors suitable for almost all seasons, especially for autumn and winter.🍂🍁


Let's get start to do nails.


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