Have you ever learned about ombre nails? Have you ever tried ombre nails? No matter what the answer is, you can use this article to learn more about ombre nails.

Ombre nails has always been the mainstream nail style trend and is very popular. The carefully selected colors and well made gradient colors will make your nails look impressive. Color matching is used to create a nail appearance suitable for different seasons. For example, in summer, you can use neon colors or light and soft colors to create a fresh nail appearance. Winter is a time of glitter and dark colors.

Steps to make ombre nails with a brush:

Step 1. The foundation of all nail art is to repair nails, remove dead skin, exfoliate, and polish nails to make them ideal before nails are made.

Step 2: Apply gel polish base coat

Step 3: Apply base gel color

Step 4: Apply two or three gel polish colors in sections

Step 5: Use brush to blend colours

First thing is to blend colors with gently and quick horizontal brush moves.  Then with the tip of the brush gentle spread of the product near the lines where the color was mixed.

Step 6: Cure under LED Lamp

Step 7: Repeat steps 4,5 and 6 two or three times

Step 8: Apply top coat

Use a sponge to do ombre nails:


Winter Ombre Nails inspiration


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