Week or so ago, I received a little review parcel from the Born Pretty Store, and today I will share with you a super pretty nail polish.
This polish is part of Mica Nail Polish, and this one is BP-SM06 A Step Far, item # 49124-6.

A Step Far is absolutely gorgeous flakie crelly. Smoky purple base is full of iridescent flakies that color-shift from pink to green and turquoise, and I even seen some gold. This one is enough just as is.
Application was smooth and easy, and you need 2-3 coats depending on application to full opacity. Honestly, I thought it will be sheer, but to my big surprise it was just perfect.
You know that I am a purple lover, so this color is totally my cup of tea, but this color is so soft, it wears like a nude. Levels out really nicely, which was another pleasant surprise. Some flakie crellies have a base that would shrink when dries, which would leave the surface uneven, and some flakies can be quite sharp. There was no worries. here, as there is no top coat on the swatch above.
I definitely see myself wearing this again, and now I really want to try the other colors from this series. Series has 6 colors in total.
I wanted to do something really summery, considering the tropical heat wave, and it seems that I could not escape the tropical theme.
Images are on Dixie Plates - Tropical Paradise. Stamping polishes are from all over the place, but here I did used the Born Pretty - White, item #48430 under the hot pink polish so my flamingos can stand out. I purchased this polish myself, but I added the link just in case...
If you scroll to the last photo, you can see all the delicious flakies in this beautiful polish. This background reminded me of the hazy Summer morning, when air starts to heat up.
I wore this manicure for the most of the week. I did not want to remove it, especially considering how hot it is, and how difficult stamping can be in the heat.
I hope that you will like this one as much as I liked it.
Have a wonderful day, and don't forget to drink some fluids.

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