Today we will be taking a look at three RGF polishes from Born Pretty! Two gels, one nail polish.

What is a Reflective Glitter Flash polish? I asked myself the same thing when I opened my latest package from Born Pretty (They‘ve been sending me PR packages for me to give my honest opinion on.)

RGF polishes are a line of Born Pretty polishes that are SUPER reflective when shown under a phone light, and super glittery in normal light.

The first gel up is RGF07

💖This one is darker pink with lighter pink glitter running throughout.

✔️it was opaque in two coats.

This is a truly gorgeous polish! It is just so unique looking in normal lighting and then so silvery!!💖✨

Next up is: RGF08:

💜This one is a dark purple base with light purple and blue glitter.

✔️It was opaque in two coats.

So dark and brooding and sparkly!🤩 This looks like an expensive high-end brand polish,

Lastly, we have DM-007 ‘Little Liar’

 💜This is a regular, air-drying nail polish. It is a light purple base with light purple and silver micro glitter.

✔️It is opaque in two coats.

I am so blown away by these polishes! I highly recommend getting one (or more) if you are looking for a stand-out glitter for a budget-friendly price.💖

You can find the RGF gels (there’s many more colors than I showed here!) at the Born Pretty website:

And Little Liar is available here:

 Article from CheapNailswithVanna


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