All BORN PRETTY old friends, don’t be afraid that your points will be missing due to website update. You can still use it and redeem the cost at checkout. Here is simple guide on how to use it on our updated website.

How to Use:

Step 1:

Click “Rewards” icon at the left bottom of the homepage (or click Rewards at the footer )

Step 2:

Click “Join Now” to register again with your original account email for the first time since our website has been updated since Nov.11.  

You will just need to sign in next time after you have registered.


Step 3:

After you sign in, you will see your total points in the panel. Click “Ways to redeem” to choose the points you want to redeem. Then click “Redeem” to get the discount.


 Step 4:

Copy the discount code and apply it at your checkout.


Hope this guide helps for you.

And now we have Referrals Program, once your friend purchase through your referral code, you and your friend will claim a $5 off code.


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