What Are Square Nails?

A square nail shape is exactly what it sounds like: part square and part oval. It combines the practicality and ease of straight tips with the added softness of curved edges. Basically, it's the best of both worlds.

The Benefits of a Square Nail Shape

There's a lot to love about square nails. For one, they're easy enough to DIY at home (more on that below), making them great for beginners. And unlike super long lipstick nails which are prone to breaking, square nails are easy to maintain while still giving you the illusion of having longer fingers. Finally, nail trends come and go, but this hybrid shape is a classic since it looks good on pretty much everybody, including those with wider nail beds and fingers.

If you're one of those social media-focused nail lovers, you might focus on the perfect nail color or the most intricate style, but what really grabs your attention is the way these manicurists create such perfectly shaped nails, square It is one of these.
"The square is a classic nail shape that works with any nail polish, and it's super easy to achieve." Of course, it won't be easy if you don't have any nail experience, square nails are 90% of the shape The work is done with nail clippers and 10% with files. Usually, you use scissors to define the nail shape and then use a file to buff the nails into the final perfect shape.

BORN PRETTY provides a new idea to create square nails

Products needed:

BORN PRETTY Non Stick Hand Extension Gel (ID55318)

Quick Extension Gel (55428)


1. File your nails

2. Apply very thin layer of base gel,and cure it under UV/LED Lamp.

3. Take the extension nail gel put it on your fingernails, press it and Adjust its shape with nail tools.

4. Cure it.

5. Use Quick Extension Gelto do nail structure and cure it.

6. Nail shaping.

7. Use super top coat and cure it.

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