Born Pretty reflective glitter gel polish, In flash they are reflective and out of flash depending on the lights, the lights reflect and show like a billion tiny stars and it looks so cool! Delicately balanced with a precise touch of holographic for some extra personality in the sun and light! Two charming effects natural light normal effect and flashing disco effect. Not only suitable for daily life but also parties attractive and different effects will surprise you. All needs will be meet in Born Pretty Sparking Desires Collection.

How to choose product

1.Reflective Glitter Cat Eye Gel Polish

Super sparkly shiny reflective gel with cat eye effect ,The great gel for any party. 

From @des_mynails(instagram)

Reflective Glitter Gel

2.Reflective Sequins Gel

From @dippingpixie(instagram)

Born Pretty Reflective Sequins Gel

3.Reflective Glitter Top Coat

It can not only be used as top coat to increase the gloss and durability of nails, but also has the effect of shiny reflective glitter

From @pauletta.nails(instagram)

reflective glitter top coat

4.Reflective Glitter Spider Gel Polish

From Born Pretty

BORN PRETTY Reflective Glitter Spider Gel





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