Part 1: before use

Don’t flood your brush with monomer,you are going to have any contorol and it’s going to give you a weak structure.

Don’t wipe off the brush too hard,or on both sides,it’s not going to flow the way you want it to.

Don’t put the brush up right,wipe off gently one side of your brush against the dappen dish.

Turn the brush and place the wet side into the powder.

Bounce 3 times,the angle should be around 45 degrees, it’s supposed to release without sticking to the brush.


Part 2: use step

*The monomer has a stronger smell than normal nail gel, please make sure the room is well ventilated.

File the nail surface, it’s the base for a long-lasting nail art.

Apply the 6 in 1 nail gel as nail glue.

Align the nail tip well, and press it on the nail,cure it, it does not easy to appear bubbles because the same area.

File the half nail tips, brush acrylic powder on nail,please wait 6-8 mins, it will dry by air,no need nail lamp.

Shape after surface drying,clean the nail surface,apply the color gel.

Take the suitable amount of acrylic powder each step.

Dip the white acrylic powder with suitable monomer.

Apply it on your nail as adhesive gel, apply the rhinestone.


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